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First, you need to decide for yourself, how much you would like to contribute as a member, and how often you would like to give that amount. It is up to you.  We always encourage you to give the highest amount you feel comfortable with and then reduce it in the future, as opposed to giving a smaller amount now and increasing it in the future, if you are able to give more now.  Getting started is always the hardest part and requires more start up funds.  We also encourage everyone to give one-time donations even if they are already making on-going automatic contributions.

Second, read through the options for how to sign up automatic payment, and decide which one works best for you.  Contact us if you would like to sign up using your card or doing a direct deposit.  For Bill Pay you can try to set it up yourself, but you are always welcome to contact us if necessary.

Third and last step, we will contact you when we confirm your contribution has been received, and send you your membership card.

  1. Look at the details of your options for setting up your automatic payments, and contact whenever you need.

  2. If you are unable to meet the requirements for automatic payment you can become a member of the Community LIFE Network by signing anyone else up as a member.  (See last section called Assocation for details)

Why Automatic Contributions?

The Center is 100% volunteer run, and we do not have a collections team to search people out who have pledged money, but are late on their contributions, so that we are able to pay rent.  People simply do not remember or go out of their way, to get their contribution in on-time.  During the first year of the center,  than 10% of pledges were followed through with.  Only contributors who opted for automatic contributions actually got their contributions in regularly and on-time.  Every single other donor failed to get their contribution in consistently.  Because we pay rent with the contributions, it is essential that everyone gets their contributions in on-time, or we aren’t able to pay rent, and then the center would be over.  So simply stated, after a year of trial, we are now only offer membership with people who are enrolled in some type of automatic contribution.  We are willing to work with each and every person’s special circumstances, and will help each of you as needed.  Even with automatic contributions, you will be able to cancel or change your contribution amount at any time.

Options for Automatic Contributions:


oThe simplest way to sign up to give automatic contributions to the Center is through a credit card or debit card.  All changes take volunteer hours, so this isn’t our preferred, yet is our most popular.


oDirect deposit is more complicated, and depending on your bank can cost us the most in fees, so this is definitely not our favorite option.  This takes volunteer time depending on how it is set up.


  2.    Our favorite option is bill pay.  With bill pay, we know the funds are coming in regularly, and you can start and stop your contribution at any time.  We have created a info sheet for setting up bill pay or the other forms of automatic contributions, and are of course willing to talk you through any steps that you have questions about to get you set up with automatic contributions as simply and easily as possible


        If you are unable to sign up for automatic payments for any reason, your alternative option is simply to sign up anyone else in your network making yourself a member of the Community LIFE Network, and by association a member of the Center.


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